Hannah L. Samuelson, Ph.D.

Research Psychologist

Curriculum vitae


Refereed Publications

Samuelson, H.L., Levine, B.R., Barth, S.E., Wessel, J.L., & Grand, J.A. (2019). Exploring women’s leadership labyrinth: Effects of hiring and developmental opportunities on gender stratification. Leadership Quarterly, 30(6), 101314.

Samuelson, H.L., Fernandez, J.R., & Grand, J.A. (2017). “Life doesn’t happen at the between-person level,” or a cautionary note on generating scientific inferences through meta-analyses. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 10, 459-464.

Book Chapters

Samuelson, H.L., Lee, J., Wessel, J.L., & Grand, J.A. Computational Modeling in Organizational Diversity and Inclusion. 2022 SIOP Frontiers Series.

Other Writing

Samuelson, H.L. (September, 2020). Applying Computational Modeling for a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace. https://www.forsmarshgroup.com/knowledge/news-blog/posts/2020/september/striving-for-a-more-diverse-equitable-and-inclusive-workplace-try-computational-modeling/

In Progress

Samuelson, H.L. The development and validation of a hierarchical multiple-goal pursuit model.

Wessel, J. L, Samuelson, H.L., Hanges, P. J., Epistola, J., & Forgo, E. Examining psychological and behavioral aspects of political cooperation to counteract polarization in the U.S. Congress.

Howard, G., McCusker, M.E., & Samuelson, H.L. Inappropriate use of confirmatory factor analysis compounds inferential errors.

Buzinski, S.G., Samuelson, H.L., & McGovern, S. When you don’t want to eat your cake too: The use of self-control influences subsequent multifinal means evaluation.

Hanges, P.J., Grand, J.A., Samuelson, H.L., & Epistola, J. Ideal-point IRT analysis of a toxic leadership scale.

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